What fish is best for fish and chips?

What fish is best for fish and chips?

Have you ever wondered about the right meal to go for that is simple and rich in nutrients? Well, look no further because a meal served with chips and fish is what you have been looking for. Fish and chips is a delicacy that has been on our menu for many years spanning from the early 1860s. There are different types of fish and chips delicacy depending on what type of fish was used in preparing the meal. Countries across the globe have found a way of rejuvenating their clients’ appetite for fish and chips delicacy by adding more addictive. Here in the US, it’s always one of the favorite meals for people and families on holidays or vacations.

For anyone in need of a fascinating fish and chips delicacy, it is important to understand what kind of fish is used to make chips and fish meals. Here, we are going to explore different types of fish that are preferred for making fish and chips delicacy across restaurants in the US.

What kind of fish is best before preparing fish and chips delicacy?

There are many types of fish that are used to make fish and chips meals. All that depends on the region and area of residence. It is most often dependent on the availability of a given type of fish species. Tilapia and halibut are some of the fish that are used to prepare delicious and mouthwatering fish and chips. Halibut is a common fish in the Atlantic Ocean because of its availability and size. Because of its large size, it was once recognized as one of the largest flatfish that was a delicacy to many Americans. Halibut has high nutritional values with its meat containing 19% proteins with small scales that are almost invisible to the ordinary eye. But here is the catch, many hotels and restaurants prefer halibut because of its large fillets that come from both sides of the fish. The fish requires little seasoning because it has a great taste and is often grilled or deep-fried and served with chips. If you intend to visit and take your family on vacation in Alaska, then make sure you have taken a bite of the halibut fish prepared with chips because it has been the cherished meal of the natives of Alaska.

Raw fresh halibut without head
Raw fresh halibut without head
Beautiful raw tilapia for fish and chips
Beautiful raw tilapia for fish and chips

Tilapia is another fish that is common on people’s plates because of its availability and owing to the different types of species globally. Tilapia can be prepared in many ways and served with chips. The process can involve removing all the bones and skin from the fish then deep-fried or grilled and served hot with chips. Tilapia has received a lot of recognition because of its captivating aroma and the preparation process is much easier and faster.

There are many types of fish that are used in preparing fish and chips other than what I have mentioned above. I have focused on two types of species that are common on our meal tables. Catfish is another one just but to mention. It is always recognized because of its availability across the world. Many people have been farming catfish because of its big size and delicious taste. When going for a vacation or having a get-together, this is the kind of fish to go for in terms of size and flavor. This fish can be fried and served with chips. Its large size makes it ideal for every family looking to cut on cost but enjoy their holidays. The most common catfish species consumed here in the US are blue catfish and channel catfish that have been farmed and recognized as a staple food by President Ronald Regan. Because of their taste, many people love to farm them and thus the president started National Catfish Day to be celebrated across the US.

Where can you get well-prepared and mouthwatering fish and chips in other countries?

Many countries have adopted fish and chips as their favorite meal across hotels and restaurants. For instance, in the United Kingdom, fish, and chips is a household name because of the type of fish used that vary and the process involved in preparations.

Fish and chips were introduced in the United Kingdom in the 19century. Since then, it has been recognized as a prominent British culture. The fish and chips is widely sold across the UK but specifically got prominence in London and South East England. There is a lot of history around the fish and chips meal but the only sure characteristic is that people have grown fond of it. The best process for preparing fish and chips in the UK is that the fish is always grilled with a mixture of Golden brown sauce and malt vinegar. This brings out the best taste in the fish and when served with chips, all you taste is a mouthwatering meal that will leave you yearning for more.

Australia is another captivating destination for fish and chips. To date, there are over 4000 outlets for fish and chips. This only tells you that fish and chips preparation is getting traction globally. So if you are planning to set up a fish and chips shop or you are wishing to prepare a delicious meal for your family, it is always good to do market research and understand what type of fish best goes well with chips.

The best fish to consider for fish and chips should have the following characteristics

When looking for the best fish for chips it’s important to look at things like the fish should be free of bones, fleshy, not very oily and white. These are among the features that will tell you the kind of fish to consider for preparing fish and chips. The meal when ready should be served with a batter that is spread all over the fish thus making it appealing and mouthwatering.

When looking for the best fish for fish and chips, always consider factors like availability and cost for getting the fish. Some well-established entities might decide to import some of the exotic species just to satisfy the customers while others can decide to use the readily available fish in the market. Fish and chips is also considered an exotic dish and can only be afforded by the middle class and working class. It is very rare to find fish and chips being sold on the street like sausages.

What is the origin of fish and chips?

The best fish and chips meal originated from Britain. This is because restaurants and hotels back then had developed the technique of battering and frying fish that saw the practice take root fast. Charles Dickens in his book talked a lot about fish and chips when he referred to the “fried fish warehouses.” In his book “A Tale of Two Cities” he has described the origin of fish and chips where he tried to explain the difference between fries and chips.

We can there conclude that finding what kind of fish to serve with chips will highly depend on the region you are living in. It also depends on the clientele you are serving which might range from the middle class, working-class, or the elite class. There are also many species of fish depending on your choice that can be prepared and served with chips. All in all fish and chips delicacy has been around for a long time and people continue discovering it daily. This is a meal every family should yearn to prepare because of its health benefits.

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