Can you eat bass?

In the United States, the bass is a popular fish species among the anglers when having their sport fishing annually. Despite being popular among the anglers and individuals in the United States, it’s rare to see people eating them because most anglers release almost all of them after catching them. Thus, raising some questions like; …

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Can You Eat Pike?

Pike is a famous carnivorous fish, mainly found in freshwater bodies in the northern hemisphere. These fish can grow up to an average length of 16 to 22 inches, with maximum recorded lengths of up to 59 inches and published weights of 63 lb. Most anglers catch these fish for sporting or fun activities. The …

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Is a flounder the same as a halibut?

Halibut and flounder are flatfish that are found at the bottom of the ocean and are considered bottom feeders. The term halibut comes from the Middle English word “halybutte” which stands for “holy flatfish.” It became popular in the Catholic holy days where eating meat was forbidden due to the religious beliefs. Flounder is a …

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