Best saltwater fishing line types

Best saltwater fishing line types

There are quite a number of fishing lines that can be used when fishing in saltwater. Most fishing lines are often considered as a pound test, since there a considerable amount of pressure that it needs to be able to break the line. The fishing line you choose to use will be a great determinant of the amount of pressure for dragging that you use, as well as the amount of fish that you are able to catch all together at the end of the day. Another important aspect to take care of, is the weight of the fishing lines that are being used in fishing in the saltwater. The best types of fishing lines to be used therefore are the ones that have very light lines that are attached to anglers, for efficient fishing. Ideally, the lighter fishing lines tend to be way faster, and they tend to sink much faster, in comparison to the heavier lines that are stiffer.

What to look out for when Choosing the Best Saltwater Fishing Line

There are quite a number of factors that you need to look out for, when choosing the specific type of fishing line to be used. Briefly discussed below are some of these factors:

a) The specific type of fish you want to go fishing for

The first and very crucial thing that you are supposed to do when you want to go out fishing, is to try and understand the exactly you are going to do with your fishing line. This is quite an obvious question, because, it is fish that you are going to look for. Because of this, you need to ask yourself the exact fish type that you want to get. There are quite a variety of fish species that may vary in terms of weight and size. Because of this, it is important to decide on the weight and size of the species of fish that you want. The weight of the fish will go a long way in determining the exact type of fishing line that you need to take with you.

b) The type of monofilament fishing line to be used

There are quite a number of monofilament lines that can be used for fishing. One type is the floating type, and the other is of the sinking nature. The floating line type actually literally floats on water, and is used for catching species of fish that are of the floating top-water nature.The sinking type on the other hand is mostly used for catching the fish species that are underwater. Of importance to note, is the fact that the floating fishing line is able to stay afloat, because it does not really absorb any water. This way, it remains on top of the water surface at all times. The sinking type on the other hand is well able absorb water, hence it sinks, to be able to catch the fish that are under.

c) The strength of the fishing line

The strength of the fishing line that you are planning to use in a saltwater should be given much thought and consideration. This is mostly because the fishes that are found in salty water are often generally more aggressive and bigger in size; than their freshwater counterparts. If the strength of the fishing line is lower than the weight of the fish, then you may end up encountering issues, mostly to do with snapping. The strength of the line is therefore the determinant of how much fish you will be able to handle without snapping, and is often measured in lbs. For this reason, if you are planning for example, to fish for fish that is weighing 50 lbs, you must ensure that that your fishing line weights the same, or heavier.

d) The type of material you intend to use, and its flexibility

Most of the fishing lines that are often put in use are normally made from nylon. As a matter of fact, for many years, even in the traditional times; nylon has always been the material for fishing lines. Because of this, even in the even that you come across other new types of fishing lines that are made of other sophisticated materials, it is always a good idea to go for the one made from nylon. This is mostly because nylons are somewhat slippery; which makes them easy to handle while fishing. Additionally, they can easily tie knots, hence are highly flexible.

List of the Best Saltwater Fishing Lines

Reviewed below are some of the best saltwater fishing lines that you can look out for. Also included are the advantages and disadvantages of each:

1. Stren High Impact Fishing Line

Stren is one of the leading manufactures that make very good saltwater fishing lines. They make fishing lines that are perfect for very heavy and big-sized fishing lines that range from between 10 and 30 lbs. Whichever type of fishing line that you choose from this particular brand, you will be assured of great winning against the fish you are hoping to catch.
Of importance to note as well, is the fact that this particular saltwater fishing line comes with incredible absorption shocks. Therefore, it will really not matter how aggressive your fish may be, your fishing line will your line will not be harmed in any way. This way, the durability of the fishing line will be ensured.

– Is well able to absorb a lot of shock
– Has a perfect and smooth feel
– Suitable for saltwater
– It is quite durable
– Is affordable

– Gets easily tangled when cast into the saltwater
– Is quite difficult to wind around the spool

2. KastKing Premium Fishing Line

The KastKing premium fishing line has a unique design that comes with a rolled track that is parallel and therefore ensures that the line does not sink into the spool. This feature is one of the most outstanding things about this particular saltwater fishing line. The feature also works to ensure that this fishing line occupies very little space in its spool.The KastKing fishing line has nylon as its superior material, hence it has a material that is very supple and soft to feel. Because of this, tying knots is made much easier. Additionally, the smooth texture ensures that it does not get tangled when it is cast into the saltwater. It is also very easy to cast into the water.

Another thing that is worth mentioning, is the fact that this particular fishing line is resistant to abrasion. Because of this, you can rub off any flakes of salt that accumulates on its surface; every time after using it for fishing.

– Does not sink into the spool
– Occupies very little space
– Very high in sensibility
– Is very supple, smooth and soft, hence you can easily cast and make knots
– Is affordable
– Is very suitable for saltwater

– May be quite stiff at times
– May be hard to spool sometimes
– The line may curl at given times, even when it is not supposed to

3. FISHINGSIR MonoPro Fishing Line

This particular fishing line will best work for you, especially in the event that you are looking for a line that has more tensile strength. Be it the fact that you want to handle fish that weighs 4 lbs or even as high as 80 lb, you can get quite a number of fishing lines with different strengths from FISHINGSIR MonoPro. This fishing line has quite a high absorbing power. Because of this, anything that it is very rare to find any unnecessary stretches on it.
Also, because it is made from high high quality of nylon that is superior, it is quite smooth and soft to touch. The durability is also increased, because it is able to stay strong, even at the points of knots.

– Great tensile strength
– Soft and smooth to feel
– Has a great absorbing power that helps in fighting and catching fish
– Is highly sensitive due to less stretch
– Is resistant to abrasion, hence is highly suitable for saltwater

– Is quite stiff hence is susceptible to breaking under high pressure
– Tying a knot may be difficult

4. SeaKnight Monster Blade Fishing Line

Sometimes while fishing, you may encounter debris that may come up when you are fishing. However, this particular fishing line has ductility that is low, and also stretches perfectly well, hence helping to reduce any vibrations that may be unnecessary and is also able to be resistant to debris. It also has a diameter that is quite thin, hence making it invisible for the fish, and you are thus able to catch them easily.

– Has a low ductility, thereby making it resistant to debris
– Helps support casts that are long
– Is made from material that is of very high material
– Is resistant to abrasion, hence is very suitable for saltwater
– Has a thin diameter than reduces the visibility, hence more catch

– It may be too thin, and end up snapping or breaking at some points

5. Hurricane Saltwater Fishing Line

This fishing line, is one of those that you may want to consider, in the event that you want to go for an adventurous fishing escapade. It is especially perfect for the saltwater, since it is highly resistant to abrasion. It comes with a diameter that is small, and are generally thin, hence the fish are not able to easily notice it. Also, it is made from materials that are of the best quality. Because of this, its strength and durability is ensured. It comes with a high knot strength, hence making knots is done very easily.

– The high knot strength makes it much stronger
– Highly durable
– Resistant to abrasion
– Small diameter hence is invisible to fish

– High high chances of getting tangled up

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